Make spicy and crispy paneer pakoda recipe

About the recipe    Quick pakoda recipe using Paneer, Indian cottage cheese, chickpea flour and spices. Paneer pakoda can be made when you have sudden guests home or want to make something instantly for your family.  These also go as a very good  starter or snack for kids’ parties. As it requires no chopping or any other kind of preparation work they are very very quick to make. Paneer pakora can be served with green chutney or can be had as it is with your evening cup of tea. I made these along with garlic red chili chutney sometime back on a weekend for the evening snack. Usually for pakora recipes, there is no rice flour used. But I have used here just to make them crispy. You can skip it if you do not have. Recipe type: Snack Cuisine: Indian Yield / Serves: 3 to 4   What Ingredients it Requires ?   200 grams paneer cut to desired sizes: ¼ tsp red chili powder ½ tsp chaat masala ½ tsp garam masala Oil for deep frying For pakora batter: ½ cup besan 2 tbsps rice flour or corn flour (t

Semiya biryani recipe, vermicelli biryani, seviyan biryani recipe

  About the recipe   Semiya biryani recipe with step by step, biryani recipes are very common in India and are generally made with different rice varieties. But not all can have rice-based recipe due to the dietary requirement or perhaps other reasons. this recipe of semiya biryani is dedicated to those who desire to satisfy the biryani craving yet avoid carbs from rice. the semiya biryani recipe isn’t that complicated, but you may have to follow some tips and suggestions to make it perfect. firstly, ensure to roast the semiya before you start with biryani gravy. the semiya has to cool down before it is mixed with gravy. also once the vermicelli is added to gravy it only required 4-5 minutes to get cooked. so plan it accordingly. secondly, you may want to reduce the size of veggies used for this recipe. note that in rice-based biryani, veggies are chopped in fairly large size. lastly, you can also attempt to cook this recipe via dum style. you may have to boil/cook the v

Oats idli recipe, Instant oats idli, Steamed oatmeal idli

  About the recipe An healthy and tasty savoury cake recipe made with powdered oats and yogurt. it is an urban fusion recipe made generally as breakfast recipe to those who cannot consume rice based idlis. it is very similar to rava idli in terms of texture and appearance and can be ideally served as it is without any side dish. idli recipes are very common across India and especially in southern India. due to its popularity, there has been a lot of variations and types of idli recipe which can be cherished for breakfast. one such fusion recipe is oats idli recipe made with powdered quick rolled oats, which can easily served with chutney and sambar.   Prep Time : 20 mins  Cook Time :15 mins  Total Time : 35 mins    What Ingredients it Requires ? Recipe card for instant oats idli: Ingredients (1 cup = 255 ML) 1 cup oats rolled oats 3 tsp oil 1 tsp mustard ½ tsp urad dal 1 tsp chana dal ½ tsp cumin / jeera few curry leaves ½ tsp ginger paste 2 chilli finely chopped 1 carrot grate

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