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Rajasthani kadhi recipe with step by step

    About the recipe    Rajasthani kadhi recipe with step by step – this is a very easy & quick kadhi recipe as no pakoras are added to it. Another good thing is that you don’t need to chop any veggies like onions etc to make this rajasthani kadhi. Kadhi is a spiced yogurt based sauce and is thickened with gram flour. kadhis are naturally cooling as they are made with yogurt and is excellent during the summers and often made in north Indian homes. In punjabi kadhi recipe, also pakoras are added, addition of pakoras makes the kadhi more filling and delicious but at the same time it requires more effort and time to prepare the dish. You can serve the kadhi with steamed basmati rice or jeera rice. You can also serve rajasthani kadhi with rotis or peas pulao or even with veg pulao.     Difficulty      : Average Recipe Type      : Veg. Calories Per Serving :150     What Ingredients it Requires ?       For kadhi mixture: 1 cup sour full fat curd (khatta dahi or yogurt) 2 cups water 3 to