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Prepare clear veg soup recipe with simple steps

        Recipe type: Veg Cuisine: Indian Yield / Serves: 2 to 3 people   About the recipe    A very simple recipe to make a clear veg soup. this soup is light, healthy and nutritious.there is no strongly flavored spice element in this soup. Just a bit of ginger, garlic, black pepper and nutmeg is added for that hint of warmth and spice. you can even add a bit of soy sauce to get an umami flavor in the soup. use veggies of your choice or any spare veggie that you have in the fridge. Usually you can make this soup with cabbage or Chinese cabbage or bok choy, carrots, beans, sweet corn and mushrooms. you can even add some tofu cubes. some celery can also be this recipe, you can used veggies which were there in the kitchen. The clear veg soup recipe can be easily doubled. serve clear vegetable soup as a starter or just have it plain in a bowl or mug.       What Ingredients it Requires ?   1 tablespoon oil - can use olive oil or sesame oil or sunflower oil or can also use butter ½

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