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Prepare margherita pizza recipe step by step

    About the recipe    Margherita pizza is one of our favorite pizzas. its simple and yet tastes so good and also easy to prepare. I have used whole wheat pizza dough which i had shared earlier to make this pizza. You can also make this pizza with a no yeast pizza dough which i had posted some days back or use your favourite pizza dough. Do use good quality pizza sauce or passata. I have used homemade pizza sauce for this pizza. The recipe is very easy if you have pizza dough and the sauce ready. Usually i make the tomato sauce and the pizza dough a day before and refrigerate them. the next day only the assembling and baking is done and it is easy. From this recipe, you will get 7 thin crust pizzas of 9 inches each. there are no veggie toppings on this pizza. Optionally you can add some tomato slices if you prefer.     Difficulty      : Average Recipe Type      : Veg. Calories Per Serving :240     What Ingredients it Requires ?       For Margherita pizza dough: 3 cups whole wheat flou

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