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Khoya mawa gulab jamun recipe step by step

    About the recipe    Traditional gulab jamun recipe made with khoya. Gulab jamun was originally prepared with milk solids known as khoya / mawa /kova which is made by condensing full fat milk. There are also many modern versions of making gulab jamun using milk powder, potato, sweet potato and even with bread. But the taste of the khoya gulab jamun is much superior from all these & is rich, soft, juicy and light. To make this gulab jamun recipe, you can use homemade khoya or store bought one. I have used store bought one as making khoya at home needs hours of hard work. This recipe can also be used to make dry gulab jamun and kala jamun. The texture of this Khoya gulab jamun is soft, yet slightly firm with no grits. They soak up the sugar syrup well and turn juicy after soaking. This recipe can be doubled or even tripled. But make sure you have a helping hand to make the balls as the dough & balls begins to dry up and lead to cracks if not fried in time. The key to making go